Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Films: Beautiful Lies (2010)

Beautiful Lies
Reviewer: Wally
Director: Pierre Salvadori
Released: 7th November 2011 (DVD)
Popcorns: 4/5

In Beautiful Lies, Audrey Tautou plays Emilie (an homage to Amelie, or just a coincidence?).  She is a hairdresser with her own business, which she co-owns with her friend Sylvia.  Jean (Bouajila) is the unassuming handy man for the salon, who admires Emilie from afar, but would never admit his devotion to her.

One evening, he plucks up the courage to write her an anonymous letter, professing his love and how heart broken he is that he will never be able to possess her as his own.  Emilie (thinking it is a letter from the old man next door) dismisses this without a second thought and throws it in the bin, much to the disappointment of Jean.

We learn that Emilie’s mother, Maddy (Baye), is still lamenting the fact that her husband left her for a younger woman and she is no longer his muse.  This is depressing Emilie no end and she would like nothing more than her mother to be happy again.  She fishes the letter out of the bin and copies it word for word before sending it on to her mother as a faux anonymous lover.  What follows is a woven web of lies, mistaken identity and good intensions that see poor Jean stuck in the middle pretending to be the mysterious lover of Maddy, rather than that of her daughter.

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