Thursday, 13 October 2011

Films: Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go
Reviewer: Wally
Director: Dan Rush
Released: 14th October 2011
Popcorns: 3/5

When an alcoholic relapses, causing him to lose his wife and his job, he holds a yard sale on his front lawn in an attempt to start over. A new neighbor might be the key to his return to form. 

Everything must go was written and directed by Dan Rush, adapted from Raymond Carver’s short story ‘Why Don’t You Dance?’ It's Rush’s first shot at directing a feature and it’s impressive that he’s secured such a high profile Hollywood star in Ferrell. It’s a deliberately paced movie and a pleasant change from the star's zanier outings. It is certainly no Anchor Man, Elf or Step Brothers and even though it’s marketed as a drama/comedy, there aren’t many laughs. It also stars Rebecca Hall as the concerned pregnant neighbour and Christopher CJ Wallace (Notorious B.I.G’s son) as the kid who helps him get his life back on track.

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