Monday, 24 October 2011

Films: Holy Rollers

Holy Rollers
Reviewer: Wally
Director: Kevin Asch
Released: 24th October 2011
Popcorns: 3/5

Holy Rollers is a biographical crime drama set in Brooklyn and inspired by true events. A young Orthodox Jew is enticed into the world of drug smuggling by his neighbour, who has connections with an Israeli drug lord.

Jesse Eisenberg plays Sam Gold, a young Hasidic Jew living in a Jewish community in Brooklyn with his family. He works in his father’s dress making shop and has his whole life planned out for him. He will be married off to a girl he’s hardly ever talked to and is set to become a Rabbi.

Sam has grown up in a stereotypical, poor New York Jewish family, with lots of ‘shaloms’ and ‘chutzpahs’ and they are in the process of celebrating Hanukah. Eisenberg plays Sam in a very recognisable format, giving him a socially awkward charm, with a head for business (sound familiar?). It’s definitely not a far stretch from his characters in Zombieland, The Social Network and Adventureland, in the way he portrays Sam.

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